Blackbird Bakery | Vendor Spotlight

You have the venue, the dress, the photographer – but who’s going to satisfy your sweet tooth? Here at Bon Bon Belle, we know the power of a perfect dessert to elevate your big day. That’s why we are so excited to shine a bright spotlight on Blackbird Bakery in Burlington, Wisconsin with help from its owner, Abby! Keep reading to see what makes Blackbird Bakery truly special!

Tell us about Blackbird Bakery and what makes it unique!

“Blackbird is a small-town bakery, specializing in scratch made desserts! We bake all of our items right in house from start to finish. We enjoy changing flavors and rotating which items we bake to keep feelings fresh, so there is always something for everybody.”

What is your favorite part about being involved in weddings?

“Our favorite part about weddings is seeing each couple’s dreams and inspirations come into fruition. Every couple is so different from each other, and we love to see what kind of creativity they come up with to make their day resemble their relationship.”

What sets your approach to wedding services apart from other vendors?

“We love to sit down with our couples to get to know them and their personal wants for their day. Discussing different options and highlighting how to create something unique to them rather than a generic wedding cake or dessert table. We offer all the services to complete the dessert checklist, so that come wedding day our couples don’t have to worry about a thing – it’s all done for them by one of our creative and professional designers.”

What is your philosophy on working with couples to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable wedding experience?

“We encourage couples to delegate tasks to companies who specialize in the wedding industry! There are so many businesses, especially small local ones, filled with professionals that are wanting to make your day the best one yet. Planning little by little also goes a long way. We always think wedding day should be about the bride and the groom, and other opinions should be listened to but that doesn’t mean they need to come into fruition. Don’t forget, it’s YOUR day, and people are there to enjoy YOU.”

What are some exciting trends emerging in the wedding dessert industry?

“We are loving the textured cakes, paired with fresh flowers! Small cutting cakes have been a fun one on the rise, but we also adore a solid tall, tiered cake for that dessert statement piece.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the brides-to-be reading?

“Always, always enjoy the process. You only do this once, so enjoy it while it’s here and turn all the planning into fun any chance you get. The day will be over before you know it, and you’ll wonder how one day can go so fast! Don’t forget to breathe and love your fiancé through it all.”

Fell in love with Blackbird Bakery? Check out their Instagram, Facebook, and website for more dessert inspo for your wedding day (and be sure to inquire while you’re there)! A super special thank you to Abby for sharing all of her wisdom with us today!