Discover the Enchanting Charms of 10 South: A Gem in Janesville, WI

Our journey through Wisconsin’s captivating wedding venues now leads us to the delightful haven of 10 South in Janesville, WI. Originally established in the 1930s, this historic gem has undergone a marvelous transformation, evolving into a picturesque and romantic wedding destination. With a plethora of enchanting features, from the spacious Main Hall to the elegantly redesigned dressing suites, and the captivating outdoor Hearth Patio, 10 South eagerly awaits to host your special day.

The Grandeur of the Main Hall

Within 10 South’s Main Hall, a realm of grandeur awaits, offering a splendid canvas for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and even the reception if you choose. The harmonious blend of cream-colored and red brick provides a striking backdrop for the culmination of your aisle journey. With a capacity to accommodate up to 375 seated guests or 500 standing guests, the Main Hall is tailor-made for larger celebrations. A show-stopping feature is the catwalk, your photographer’s creative haven. From here, breathtaking overhead shots capture the very essence of your day, preserving the memories for a lifetime.

The Hearth Patio's Outdoor Charm

For those captivated by the allure of an outdoor ceremony, the Hearth Patio awaits, a haven of natural beauty. Expansive and accommodating, this patio welcomes up to 375 guests with open arms. The centerpiece of the Hearth Patio is a majestic fireplace, meticulously crafted from ivory stone, serving as a splendid altar for your vows.

Elegance and Comfort in Dressing Suites

One of 10 South’s defining features is its serene and well-appointed dressing suites. The Lindelle Dressing Suite, designed to bathe in natural light, is adorned with large windows that invite the sun to embrace the space. The Cavah Dressing Suite offers the groom and his entourage a stylish sanctuary, complete with a large TV for sports or gaming. These suites add a touch of luxury and convenience, ensuring your preparations are as tranquil as they are beautiful.

Indulge in the Cocktail Lounge

Cheers to memorable moments! The Cocktail Lounge at 10 South boasts a blush-tone tile bar and custom picture frames that hold cherished memories. Whether you’re toasting with morning mimosas or celebrating with late-night champagne, this inviting lounge sets the tone for a perfect cocktail hour.

A Labor of Love

10 South exudes a labor of passion and dedication, evident in every corner. The staff’s unwavering care accompanies you throughout your wedding journey. If you’re smitten, just as we are, with the beauty of 10 South, consider booking an appointment to tour this enchanting venue. The team at 10 South eagerly anticipates the honor of celebrating your love story with you.